ViBE Expo at Bletchley Park

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We recently held a small event at Bletchley Park to bang the drum about ViBE technology. Filling the ballroom at Bletchley Park with a mixture of resellers and end users, we proceeded to show our audience the things ViBE could do. The day was about educating our audience about ViBE and giving them an opportunity to look at physical kit. If you don’t already know about ViBE you can learn more over on our mini-site:

Powernet CEO, Tony Tugulu kicked off proceedings with a short introduction and run down of the agenda. Mark Williams, Product Manager and all round ViBE know-it-all, then took to the floor with an excellent presentation followed by a real-time demonstration of ViBE in action.

Finally independent IT consultant, Richard Smeeton gave a short talk about computing – past, present and future and its relationship with Bletchley Park. Richard is an advocate of ViBE technology and has a wealth of experience especially with networking technologies. Richard’s been the network and voice manager with Next PLC and the CTO at the University of Herts. If you are looking for an IT consultant with networking expertise then you could do a lot worse (Shameless Plug). Contact Richard via email: Richard(at)smeeton(dot)co(dot)uk.

After lunch our guests enjoyed a guided tour of Bletchley Park, many thanks to our excellent tour guide Nick Miers who was entertaining and informative. Unfortunately we were unable to see the Colossus computer in action but a working Bombe machine more than made up for the disappointment.
So a good day was had by all. Those who attended were educated in the way of the ViBE and also experienced a place that has important links with modern computing whilst also playing a huge part in ending WW2.

We have posted some pictures from the event on the Powernet Facebook page.

We thought it was so good that we might do it again. If you are interested in attending a future ViBE event then send us an email: vibe(at)powergroup(dot)co(dot)uk

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