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16 August, 2012 (09:52) | Unified Comms | By .

‘Unified Communications’ it’s a term that encompasses a whole range of technologies, applications and methodologies and in the IT industry we have a tendency to use it rather a lot! Once a certain phrase or term joins the ranks of the other top IT buzz words (Cloud and Social Media for example) then we latch onto it and run with it, flooding our customers and potential customers with a mass of buzz word based marketing. The general outcome is that any benefits or examples of real world application get lost in the noise generated by a marketing overload.

As I mentioned above the term ‘Cloud’ is a good example of this marketing overload in action. ‘Cloud’ can be pinned onto a variety of products and services in the IT industry (not always appropriately) but overuse in headlines and marketing copy has only muddied the waters for anyone looking to move their organisation onto a cloud based solution.

The term ‘Unified Communications’, ‘Unified Comms’ or ‘UC’ has also been gracing headlines all over IT trade publications for a few years now. But for many companies the thought of moving to a Unified Comms solution leaves them with a two big questions: “What is UC?” and “Why do we need it?”

This week four members of Powernet’s sales team were lucky enough to have these questions answered for them by our friends at Siemens Communications Systems. A thorough training programme in Siemens OpenScape Office UC solution has left no doubt in our minds why UC is right for almost every size and kind of organisation. Many of our sales team are now qualified SOCAs or (Siemens Enterprise Open Communications Associates) if you want to give them their full titles.

Siemens were also kind enough to train up our technical team in all things OpenScape Office (it’s good to be able to support what you sell).

Powernet are now Siemens Plus Partners, so if you’re looking to demystify how your telephone system integrates with your email or CRM package. Or want to learn how even social media fits into the UC big picture. Or just want to get past all the marketing noise and learn more about Unified Comms then get in touch, we’re now qualified to answer your questions.

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