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ViBE Expo at Bletchley Park

10 July, 2012 (10:40) | Business, Managed Networks, Powernet, ViBE, VoIP, WAN | By: John Heritage

We recently held a small event at Bletchley Park to bang the drum about ViBE technology. Filling the ballroom at Bletchley Park with a mixture of resellers and end users, we proceeded to show our audience the things ViBE could do. The day was about educating our audience about ViBE and giving them an opportunity [...]

Powernet and the 2 Day Power Cut

5 July, 2012 (14:49) | Business, ISP's, Powernet | By: Tony Tugulu

We recently experienced a power cut here at Powernet Towers. It was no ordinary power cut, oh no this one lasted two days. ‘How can this happen?’ I hear you ask. After all Powernet are based in the sprawling metropolis that is Milton Keynes, not out in the sticks, hundreds of miles away from the [...]

2011 Customer Survey Winner

8 February, 2012 (16:52) | Business, Powernet, Powernet News | By: Tony Tugulu

At long last we have finally got around to pulling a name out of the hat! I am happy to announce the winner of Powernet’s Customer Survey 2011 is Ian Morley from Keter UK (they make plastic goods). Ian has been a Powernet customer for the past fifteen years and we are really happy that [...]

2011 – A Quick Review

21 December, 2011 (10:24) | Broadband, ISP's, Powernet | By: John Heritage

Standby for a whistle stop tour of the news stories that affected the ISP and Telco industry in 2011. 2011 was the year that copper theft hit the headlines. Almost every month there were outages due to the unlawful removal of copper line or comms’ equipment from telephone exchanges and data centres. Can we expect [...]

QR Codes on Business Cards

16 December, 2011 (14:14) | Mobile, Powernet, Powernet News | By: John Heritage

I wouldn’t usually write a blog post about new Powernet business cards but thanks to the introduction of a QR code on our cards I thought it was worth mentioning. Powernet have been using QR codes for a while now, adding them to print advertising and marketing collateral. We have now added a unique QR [...]

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