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How secure is the UK’s broadband infrastructure?

29 July, 2011 (10:02) | Government | By: Tony Tugulu

In recent months, the world has been confronted by grim realities of what would happen if a whole country lost access to the internet as people and businesses across the Middle East have seen their connection turned off. In January the whole of Egypt, barring a few government organisations, was taken offline. And the same [...]

Net neutrality: an introduction for business

18 July, 2011 (10:28) | Broadband, Business, Government | By: Tony Tugulu

Net neutrality: If you regularly read the business press, you may have noticed this term popping up in articles again and again. But what does it actually mean? And why should it matter to you and your business? Net neutrality (or network neutrality) is the idea that all internet traffic should be treated equally. That [...]

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