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Using an iPhone for 2-Factor Authentication

16 November, 2011 (13:36) | BYOD, Security | By: Tim Cooper

Google Authenticator now work with Lastpass Continuing on from my last blog post looking at how to best manage zillions of passwords, I wanted to post another regarding the virtues of 2-factor authentication. I’ve been using both Lastpass and Google Authenticator for a while now. I’m a strong supporter of 2-factor authentication and also have the Verisign [...]

Managing your passwords (with a little help)

11 November, 2011 (11:52) | BYOD, Mobile, Security, cloud | By: Tim Cooper

LastPass – How it can help you be more secure on the web With all the web based application and services (call it the cloud if you want) we use today it has become a nightmare to manage all the usernames and passwords required to access each of these services. I use 2-factor authentication (Google [...]

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