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Internet Killed the High Street Store

18 January, 2013 (12:32) | Business | By: John Heritage

In 1979 The Buggles sang “Video Killed the Radio Star” and so it came to pass, although it turned out to be YouTube not MTV that actually made the fatal blow. Back to the present day it’s the high street that is taking a beating and again it seems the internet is packing all the [...]

ViBE Expo at Bletchley Park

10 July, 2012 (10:40) | Business, Managed Networks, Powernet, ViBE, VoIP, WAN | By: John Heritage

We recently held a small event at Bletchley Park to bang the drum about ViBE technology. Filling the ballroom at Bletchley Park with a mixture of resellers and end users, we proceeded to show our audience the things ViBE could do. The day was about educating our audience about ViBE and giving them an opportunity [...]

Powernet and the 2 Day Power Cut

5 July, 2012 (14:49) | Business, ISP's, Powernet | By: Tony Tugulu

We recently experienced a power cut here at Powernet Towers. It was no ordinary power cut, oh no this one lasted two days. ‘How can this happen?’ I hear you ask. After all Powernet are based in the sprawling metropolis that is Milton Keynes, not out in the sticks, hundreds of miles away from the [...]

BT’s Olympic Commitment

29 February, 2012 (15:46) | BT, Business, ISP's | By: Tony Tugulu

Any ISP looking for some easy PR coverage knows that nothing beats predicting a surge in bandwidth during major national and sporting events (Euro and World Cups, Wimbledon, Royal Weddings etc). Forecasting a strain on the national broadband infrastructure, should Andy Murray reach the Wimbledon final is almost guaranteed to create a news story somewhere [...]

The Non-techy guide to IPv6

29 February, 2012 (14:22) | Business, ISP's, WAN | By: John Heritage

Did you know there’s a problem on the horizon? It concerns IP, not Intellectual Property, but Internet Protocol! The current IP addressing system that allows all computers and networked IT kit to communicate with each other is being updated with a bigger and better addressing system. Unfortunately the road from old to bigger and better [...]

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