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2011 – A Quick Review

21 December, 2011 (10:24) | Broadband, ISP's, Powernet | By: John Heritage

Standby for a whistle stop tour of the news stories that affected the ISP and Telco industry in 2011. 2011 was the year that copper theft hit the headlines. Almost every month there were outages due to the unlawful removal of copper line or comms’ equipment from telephone exchanges and data centres. Can we expect [...]

Tips for speeding up a slow Broadband Connection

22 November, 2011 (17:14) | Broadband, ISP's, Notspots, Residential | By: Tim Cooper

Slow Broadband? Are you sure you have everything setup right? Recently I visited a relative whose broadband had been notoriously slow and intermittent for a while. I was there for an hour or so and had bought a couple of things in advance for the job. When I left their broadband was not only more [...]

Faulty VDSL Modems getting FTTC customers hot under the collar

2 November, 2011 (12:41) | Broadband, Fibre Optic | By: John Heritage

Rumours are circulating about the reliability of the VDSL Modems that have been supplied by Openreach for their initial FTTC installs.  Powernet has had several instances where FTTC customers have experienced a slowdown in their FTTC connection. Upon further examination it appears this has been due to overheating VDSL Modem. The clever Powernet customers in [...]

Bonded Broadband for Business: fast, reliable, efficient

7 September, 2011 (09:58) | Broadband | By: John Heritage

Powernet, since it’s very inception, has always been about trying new technologies to give customers the best service and business broadband available. That philosophy is what led us to develop ViBE, our miracle business VoIP solution that allows 30x as many calls on a single ADSL line. Sometimes though, it’s not necessarily about inventing something [...]

How do I choose a business broadband supplier?

8 August, 2011 (10:09) | Broadband | By: Tony Tugulu

Selecting suppliers and setting up relationships that tie you strategically and financially to other businesses is always tricky. While we’re proud to be the chosen provider of some great brands in the UK, we know where our strengths lie and are very honest about that. I recently wrote a piece for IT Donut designed to [...]

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